ATRX look back, the 2015 medals

2015 was the inaugural ATRX. It was to be a cheaply thrown together race, aimed at giving runners a different kind of experience. A 10k over trail on a weeknight. Certainly moves away from the traditional Sunday morning Tarmac slot.The race team wanted the reward for runners to be unique and hit upon the idea of a medal that was forged from the locality. The Bar and Croy hills – as well as being famous for the Antonine Wall – were home to quite significant quarrying over the last 150 years. It was therefore a natural lead on to think about making “medals” from stone available in the area freely. Well, we didn’t want to rip the wall to pieces for turf trophies!

Phil Hunter took the idea and ran with it. After much stencilling, debating and spray painting, he came up with the image you see here. It is a theme we will riff on again for 2016. As a race momento they were well received by last year’s runners, whilst the top 3 in each category got their own, larger ones as trophies.