Transfers and wait list


Thanks to everyone who has help promote and bought a place in our wee race. It has sold out in record time and we now have 225 names on the start list.

We don’t want to see people lose money if they cannot make race day so we have a transfer policy in place for 2016.

We will accept transfers up to the week before the race, after this they will be locked down.

We will hold a wait list for runners who want into the race. Runners on the wait list will be given a place as other runners pull out. The process to transfer will be:

  • A runner informs the Antonine Race Team via email at of their intent to withdraw
  • The runner can pass their place on themselves if they wish
  • If they want their place to go to someone on the waitlist Antonine Trail Races will email both runners with instructions as to next steps, this will include:
    • The transfer of monies between runners
    • The withdrawing runners giving Antonine Trail Races confirmation that they are happy to transfer their place
    • The waitlist runner will provide details for the race database and accept the race disclosure

In the event there are no runners available on the wait list the place will be lost and no monies refunded. However, if this does happen runners unable to take part are entitled to collect their tee-shirt and goody bag on race day.

Any questions please contact us at