2018 Antonine Trail Race: RACE PACK

atr-logo-1FIRST REMINDER: The clocks go back at the weekend! Remember that. You will not be allowed to start an hour early!

Welcome to the 2018 Antonine Trail Race. We thank you for entering and playing a part in a race we are proud of. This will be the 7th running of the event set up by Robert Sanderson in 2012 and the course has changed yet again this year. This is our final course. We think.

We’ve posted plenty about this on Social Media and in our email updates and there is a link to a Garmin record of the route below. We hope you enjoy the changes. The route is now even more contained to trail, staying within Croy Hill, Dumbreck Marsh, Twechar and Bar Hill. The main change this year is the removal of any canal running and the addition of a loop back to The Boathouse and up the ATRX course to the start line of the 10k route there. It will be well marked! It is slightly hillier and more trail as well. Thank us later.

This pack will contain all the information we think you will need ahead of race day. Please take the time to read this pack before asking any questions. The chances are it will be included within the info below. Your race team will be busy all week with their own work and lives as well as setting up the race so you’d be helping us with this!

2018 Charity Partner: JAPES
We are proud to support JAPES (www.japes.scot) in 2018 and we will be donating profits from the race to them once all costs and expenses have been realised. We have already donated £500 from the ATRX in May and will significantly increase this after the ATR. You don’t have to do anything here as part of your entry is earmarked for JAPES. You’ve done your bit already by taking part. However, JAPES will be doing a short run at the start of the race. A nice way to warm up and get involved. Start will be around 0930.


2018 Food Bank Drive: Where you can help on the day
Kilsyth Community Food Bank will be with us on race day to do a food drive. This is optional but we ask all runners to try and bring whatever they can to support this local charity. Non-perishable foods please, tins, dried pasta, etc. Sanitary towels, toiletries and so on are welcome too. Thanks for your support! 230 people each dropping a small bag off can make a massive difference.

SECOND REMINDER: The clocks go back at the weekend! Remember that. You will not be allowed to start an hour early!

Time: Sunday 28th October, 10:00am
From: Antonine Sports Hub, Croy (next to Croy train station), G65 9HD
Registration: from 08:30am at the Sports Hub
Race brief: 09:45am at start line
Timing: Manual
Numbers: Allocated on arrival

It is Halloween weekend and fancy dress is optional but there will be a spot prize or two for the best dressed. This is totally subjective and down to taste and our judges cannot be bribed. Not even with cake. We have a belief that this event could grow into a Halloween special each year. So, if you are not too serious, get dressed up and have fun.

Croy Train Station is right next to the start line. There are trains from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling (and beyond).

Parking is available at Croy Train Station and we would ask as a courtesy that you use the furthest away car park (around 200 metres) to park in. It is important that we maintain good relations with Scotrail and we appreciate your support in this matter. Please car share where you can.

Parking at the Hub is for race crew only.

Bags can be left in the Sports Hub at your own risk.

The course is over mixed terrain with long spells of landrover trail, forest trail, lush grass, a wooden boardwalk and hard packed paths. A good hybrid shoe is always advised. There will be at least 4 or 5 distinct sections of >500 metres that will be muddy. Make sure you have some grip. We mentioned the course changes and in effect we have swapped tarmac for single track trail, hills and a wee bit of mud. It is a trail race after all!

The race starts just next to Croy Station and then meanders over Croy Hill, to Auchinstarry. Here we go into Dumbreck Marsh and do a loop of sorts through some flat but at times boggy stretches. The course rejoins the traditional route close to St Pat’s Sportsfield. From here we head through Twechar, up over the Creecywood Trail and Bar Hill, descending towards Croy. We then drop to the Boathouse from there and up the ATRX starting hill. The last few miles are up over Croy Hill, and retracing the opening 3k back to the base chiefly.

Here is a link to a Garmin record of the route from where you can download a GPX of the route: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/3015417515

Note, we will shorten this slightly by moving the start / finish up the trail.

There is a coffee kiosk at Croy Station. This provides some basic foods, hot drinks and snacks. There is a nearby Tesco (about 1 mile) and Mace shop in Croy for last minute snacks. There is talk of some cake being brought at the end and we hope the speedier runners aren’t too greedy.

There are toilets available at the Sports Hub and also a couple of changing rooms for boys and girls. The shower facilities are available for use.

We will be marking the course diligently but cannot legislate for people tampering with signage. If you can, use a GPX. Arrows will be painted into the ground also.

There will be marshalls dotted around at key points and will be wearing hi-vis vests and generally being the best folks you could have out there. Don’t be scared to high-5 them.

If, in the unfortunate event, you need to drop out please let the nearest marshall know.

First aiders from St Andrew’s ambulance will also be present on the course.

There will be a water station at around 6.5-7 miles. Just after the wooden boardwalk at Dumbreck Marsh. This will be obvious on the day.

The lovely folks at ACTIVE ROOT are helping us with some samples in your goody bag and at the water stop. It is a delicious and brilliant drink. Enjoy it!

We will NOT be providing bottles or cups but instead all runners are asked to carry a soft flask or bottle which they can refill at this station. This is to reduce the waste footprint of the race and to keep the trails free of any discarded bottles. There may be sharing cups on hand. That means you get to share slabbers and germs too.

Goody bags will be collected after the race.

If you have ordered a tee you will get this at registration.

You only get one of these if you finish! This year it is a Coastdel. A medal that doubles as a coaster. Or perhaps a Christmas decoration. Or some other use. You choose!

The Prize Giving will take place around 1pm. There will be prizes for:

  • Top 3 males
  • Top 3 females
  • Male and female V50 1st place

A mobile phone with the number of race director James Stewart in it. This is 07891 034181. We expect all runners to dress appropriately for the weather and we are not your mammies. Use your own smarts.

If you are dressing up I’d suggest a Borat mankini might not be the best.

At time of writing the weather looks set to be Scottish. The course was wet this morning (20/10) so you will defo want some grip!

We have only a few rules but they are sacrosanct:
1. Respect the marshalls. They have given their time up for free so you can run!
2. Always follow the marshall’s instructions, especially at road crossings. Failure to do so could result in being DQ’d.
3. Don’t litter. Anyone caught littering will be banned from future races and DQ’d on the day. We understand the odd gel top or paper flies off but be conscientious and if you can lift one bit of litter from the trail to bring home all the better
4. The trail is shared with others. Respect them and they will respect you. Smile, say hello and remember you are doing something great!
5. No dogs. The race is under SAL permit.
6. Have fun!
7. Do eat yellow snow (this is advisory)

We would like to recognise the generous help and support of the following for this year’s race:


James Stewart (Race Director)
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/antoninetrailrace/

LAST REMINDER: The clocks go at the weekend! Remember that. You will not be allowed to start an hour early!